Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey all!!
Hola from down south!! This week has been a bit eventful. I now have the responsibility of doing basically all the missionary work in my area and to teach spanish! its going to be pretty tough. My new comp, elder Cox of American Fork Utah, doesnt speak much. at all. Its going to be a challenge because i myself feel like im still being trained, you know? So far i have been managing really well speaking and understanding. Sometimes i get a bit overwhelmed too. Its a real tough time right now, but the work must go on!
Matias was baptized on Saturday. It was a great meeting. his brothers all came and so did some of their friends, so there were about 15 of his family and friends there, so that was great. We had a great turn out from the ward. We had a priesthood activity right before where we played soccer and pingpong, so they all stayed and then a whole bunch of ward members showed up. It was great! He was really happy, and the ward was happy to welcome him in. We now start the work with the rest of his family-- noche de hogar tonight! after the baptism he was like hey elder jensen. You are coming over to my house and having a noche de hogar with my family when? 730 monday? perfect. Mom- Noche de hogar. We are excited... we are still working on what we are going to share with them.
Today we are going off to teh Beach in Rawson to throw a baseball and eat sandwiches. Its going to be a blast! i cant wait. we have a lot of fun guys in our zone, so itll be a fun activity.
Not too too much is going on. i had to go up to Neuquen to pick up my new companion, so there really hasnt been a whole ton of work going on in my area this week. Next week we´ll get started and start getting some more good new investigators going. We dont have any fechas right now, so its a bit discouraging, but we are going to get the work going soon. Its going to be a tough tough 3 or 4 weeks coming, but i konw that as i put my faith in Christ, He will help me through it and guide my limited spanish in what to say and do. My new comp is a good guy. He will learn to love the people. He is whiter than me! blond blond hair, blue eyes, my height, and a ton more muscle than me. Its going to be an adventure together, but we have set some good goals and are going to push real hard to get them. Im going to push real hard on his spanish too because i dont want to feel like im working alone for very long. Missionary work is 2 by 2, so well get him doing the things he can and learning to say the things he cant.
Hope all is well back home. Its always fun to hear from you and get letters and such!
Take care!
Elder Jensen

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