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Hola Amigos!

Its been another whirlwind week here at the mtc. They seriously fly by so
fast! i feel like i was just sitting in this chair emailing a few days ago!
its hard for me because i never remember when things happen here so
hopefully i dont repeat any of my stories!

Hmmmm. What unique happened this week? well, It SNOWED HERE! I was so
pumped. it is really funny because there are all these goofball kids who put
on their thermals and their parkas and their snow boots and their scarves
like its the next iceage. I still rock the short sleeve dress shirt until
this monday when they said we had to wear our suits all day. Bummer. I still
love being out side in the cold--its training for my mission in the southern
part of Argentina! we can get sack lunches and breakfasts instead of going
into the cafeteria, so me and Elder foye do that every day and eat at a
picnic table that we can freeze our buns off at and look at the mountains
at the same time. So worth it.

Speaking of argentina-- Visa update-- We did not get our flight plans last
friday (but the rest of my district did-- not fair!) but we went to the
travel office and they said we will get ours this friday. We leave on the
27th of october-- the rest of the argentina missions are leaving on the
23rd, but our mission president cant pick us up till the 28th. Bummer. I
hope we get a lot of free study time that extra week we have to stay
because i have so much i still need to do here. It is so crazy--i have way
too much to do and not enough time to do it!! i guess its a good thing that
i am too busy rather than not having enough to do!

Manny El Manzano update- i havent given one of these in a little while. We
now have 10 manny's. Most of them are about 2 inches tall or so and have 4
or 5 leaves. They are such a cute little family. It has been a pleasure
growing them. We are working out an adoption right now so that they can have
a good parent looking after them when we leave (we've debated taking them to
Argentina with us! haha.)

Its kinda weird right now because we are now the oldest district in our zone
in the MTC. Its strange. We dont feel like the oldest, but we are. Its fun
though. We know how it works here, and we actually are a REALLY good
district because we work really hard and dont screw around. I have been
extremely fortunate to have gotten to know and associate with the fine
missionaries in my district here.

Gym time still rocks. I am now addicted to basketball and 4 square. They
just instituted a new rule about diving though- apparently we arent allowed
to dive after a ball in 4 square. Are you kidding me? Sometimes i do it
anyway because i just cant control that! its just built in to my system.

Crazy story of the week- me and elder lytle built a bobsled the other day on
my bed. we were cleaning our room and i threw all 4 of our chairs into his
bed (i always throw all of my stuff in his bed just because its funny and we
always joke about it) and so he takes them and starts sitting them up on my
bed like a bobsled. We then went out in the hall and did the 'feel the
rythm, feel the ride, come on jamaica, its bobsled time!' from cool runnings
and then ran into our room and jumped on our bobsled. It was a blast. But it
lasted about 20 seconds. haha. We like our strange activities.

I'm trying to think of what else new or profound i have learned here...
nothing is coming to mind. I get kinda stressed on preparation days because
i only get a half hour to email so i have to type SO FAST! oh well.

Oh i thought of something. I decided that i was going to read the Book of
Mormon straight through during my time in the MTC. I finished it this past
sunday and it was incredible. I seriously learned so much more this time
through than i ever have in any other time i've read it. I guess i just read
things in a different light as a missionary and a representitive of Christ.
There is no doubt in my mind that it is true. It answers deep questions of
the soul that i've had this past month. It has answered prayers. Its
incredible. Thats what new and profound thing i've learned this week is. The
book of Mormon is TRUE!

Alright i need to go off to choir--i hung with it after singing in general
conference just because i like singing in english so much! I leave the 27th,
so dont send me letters that will get here later than that! (oh and my
birthday is the 24th. Just thought i'd drop that out there :))

I love you all, have a great week, go byu football, go missionaries, go
mission work, go book of mormon, and go mail for taylor!

Elder Taylor Alan Jensen

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