Thursday, June 26, 2008

I know its been a long long long time...

...but this is completely worth it. this may be the best story to appear on my blog.

Characters: Putzer and Tbone

Setting: After a delicious dinner at the jensen house, putzer and tbone are asked to go get their laundry and bring it down. Taylor stays in the kitchen to help clean up, while the putz goes straight up to his room.

Perspective: 1st person, as told by taylor

So i am walking up the stairs to grab my laundry for mama to do before our big trip. I am about to pass putt putt's room on the way to my room when i begin hearing this strange sound coming through his open door. curious, i peek my head slowly around the door. to my dismay, I see putz pacing around, claws out, and making raptor noises! yes. dead on impression. i begin to laugh a bit and he whirls around and sees me. by then i had fallen to the floor laughing. without breaking character, the raptor cocks his head, curious at this laughing creature, and walks out the door to the hall. he bends low, and gives a shriek at my face. he then stomps me out with his foot/claw, insuring that i am dead. he then proceeds to eat me. yes, i was eaten by a raptor. the raptor, hearing someone else coming up the stairs, immediately turned and fleed into tbone's room for safety, abandoning his prey in the hallway.

needless to say, this was about the funniest thing that has happened since i've been home. perhaps in years. perhaps my life. it was incredible.

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Josie said...

nightmares. Funny ones.