Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its time to catch up. Super long post today!

Ive been back in provo for a little over two and a half weeks now, and this blog is dying. here are some of the shenanigans i have been up to:

1. Rock Climbing.
Yes, rock climbing is a favorite these days, and actually the past year now. Mikey and I are taking lead climbing classes sometime in the next two weeks, so then we will be certified to go climb up the canyon a little bit. sa-weet!

Yes. we are hard core. Mikey can handle the crack, and i am a little jealous because that looks cooler than my pictures. but the crack isnt nearly as cool as the spiderman picture!

2. Over winter break, my blog earned a genius rating. yes, this is a plug for the blog.
blog readability test

3. I have been night skiing twice since being back. its sweet because there is always fresh snow up there! i love it. i have my 360 down on the smaller jumps, and was working with it on the medium jumps so that one day, just maybe one day, i will be able to throw them on the BIG jumps. I took a few spills, and wound up pretty sore, but it was worth it. Mama- the helmet was a good investment. haha.

NOTE: this is not me. i can only dream of having this red suit to ski in. this is an illustration of why helmets are important. and this is an illustration of my thoughts while crashing:deep? absolutely. Relevant? perhaps. have i ever seen this before tonight? no. on with the list!

4. I was messing around with a kid named brent who lives on my floor and he and i always goof off, and i accidentally spun him into a wall and it split open his skin under the eye. LUCKILY he does not need stitches, but we were both pretty nervous he would. it was a pretty deep cut and the skin was hangin a little bit. the paramedics said he'd be fine and put some bandages on it. phew.
EDIT: We ran to the hospital last night to get brently some stitches. He wound up with 11 of them, and handled it like a brave boy in his jungle hospital room! here are some more pictures

5. I got a letter from Dr. James Kearl today congratulating me on my hard work and success in his Econ 110 class. He told me i should take great pride in what i accomplished there, and that i should continue in taking difficult classes and keep working hard. best part: it was a non-gender specific letter, meaning no Ms. Taylor Jensen's here!

6. Sometimes i struggle sleeping here. I didnt last semester at all, but we dont have a blanket up over the window so i wake up with the sun some days and i cant fall asleep until my new roommate does other days. I tried a blindfold, and that had mixed results. i then decided i needed a little remodeling. take a look.
I also have my headphones hanging from my bed springs, so i get some good tunes playing while i sleep. I drape my comforter over the long side and another blanket over the short and it blocks out 90% of the light. it is amazing! i had a great night sleep last night. I also put my christmas lights under there for fun :)

7. We had a great night on Tuesday night. we came up with some random idea about trapping someone on the floor with a box up on a stick. So, as all good ideas do on this floor, we got carried away. i led a trail of cereal from the watering hole to our trap. someone threw a dollar under there, and we waited. but then we decided to make a hunting show out of it, so we threw on camo and refilmed us setting the trap up. we eventually caught a yellow breasted chip-moose, but it didnt fit in our box. luckily i had a marshmallow gun that i popped it with and we followed its blood trail until we found our beast. needless to say, we did well. the full video is on my facebook site. unfortunately, blogspot takes forever to upload videos, so i am not putting it here. it is definently worth the watch!

8. this is my favorite number, and a fitting one to end on. until next time, adieu.


Josie said...

you make one scary spidey!

That's rockin.

sassparilla said...

for the LAST time, when you pluralize JENSEN you do not need to add an apostrophe before the s!

my work is never done.

and yes, i did just read your entire blog and have a lot more substantial comments to say, but felt the grouchy grammarian gripe was the most important-slash-useful to the college student.

ps - congrats on the dr. kearl letter!

pps - i like your artwork

ppps - don't break your head, please.